Developing the Ethnic, Identity Scale using Eriksonian and social identity perspectives


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Two studies were conducted to develop and explore the psychometric properties of the newly developed Ethnic Identity Scale (EIS). Consistent with Erikson’s and Tajfel’s theoretical perspectives, the EIS assesses 3 domains of ethnic identity formation: exploration, resolution, and affirmation. In both studies, participants (N = 846) completed measures of familial ethnic socialization and self-esteem in addition to completing the EIS. In Study 1, we employed exploratory and confirmatory analyses to examine, refine, and confirm the factor structure of the EIS among university students (n = 615). In Study 2, we examined the psychometric properties of the EIS among high school students (n = 231). Results revealed a three-factor solution that reflected the proposed components of exploration, resolution, and affirmation. Furthermore, the three subscales were related in expected ways to measures of familial ethnic socialization and self-esteem.

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