Informed Decision-Making, Multiple Perspectives, Approaches, and Methods. In: Applying a Human Rights Approach to Social Work Research and Evaluation


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This chapter reviews the third theme-based strategy of a rights research approach is informed decision-making, multiple perspectives, approaches, and methods. It explores differing perspectives, methods, and approaches that influence the internal experience of a social worker’s informed decision-making process. It reviews how deductive and inductive thought processes applied to research that can contribute to an empowerment-based holistic approach to informed decision-making. Next, it provides examples of select theories, such as cumulative inequality and empowerment theories that are consistent with a rights research approach. The end of the chapter exercises provides critical thinking training exercises using case vignettes based on a mixed methods study on aging people in prison to explore differing perspectives, approaches, and methods that might be used to design future research or intervention choices.

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