Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic: A Model for Social Work Practice, Community Engagement, and In Vivo Learning


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Missouri did not expand Medicaid, leaving about 500,000 Missourians without health insurance. To address community needs and provide additional social work training opportunities, a free integrated behavioral health clinic was established. This article discusses the need, describes the clinic, and presents 1-year evaluation results. Sixty-nine clients received services, and 30 students received intensive training during the first year. Almost half of the clients were diagnosed with depressive disorders, and more than half had comorbid medical conditions. Psychiatric symptoms were lower following treatment. Quality of life increased in physical and psychological domains. Collaborative clinics with social work and medical students are a viable option for experiential learning and providing quality care for uninsured or underinsured people with comorbid medical conditions.

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