On‐the‐ground health and safety experiences of non‐union casino hotel workers: A focus‐group study stratified by four occupational groups


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Objectives To understand the health‐ and safety‐related experiences of specific occupations among non‐union casino hotel employees to identify processes leading to worker health and safety risks. Methods Using purposive, criterion sampling, 61 workers participated in 13 recorded focus groups (FGs). A semi‐structured topic guide addressed work‐related health and safety impacts, workplace hazards, and management responses, among others. FG transcripts were analyzed following grounded theory methodology. Demographic and occupational health information was collected via survey. Results Codes (97) were collapsed into seven themes: activities/exposures negatively affecting health/safety; barriers to health/safety; injury/pain occurrences; coping mechanisms; job vulnerability; management policies/enforcement; lack of management concern for employees. From these themes emerged the Dynamic Theoretical Framework of Employee Health and Safety Risk. Conclusions “Management’s lack of concern” creates a negative environment whereby employer‐controlled factors jeopardize employees’ health and safety. Interventions targeting management’s lack of concern for employee health and safety could favorably change work‐based risks.

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