School Social Work


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This chapter defines the practice of school social work and provides an overview of the profession of school social work, including its history and important contributions to school programs. It highlights the growth of school social workers as a unique profession among social workers, and identifies organizations and professional associations that support school social workers within the United States. It also highlights the role of social workers in providing school‐based social and mental health services and describes current models of school social services delivery. It further discusses the adaptations that school social workers have made in the past to meet changing demands and offer suggestions for continuing to serve the complex needs of children in the schools. Although there are many tasks that school social workers perform, four core tasks are assessments, system‐wide‐ consultations, direct intervention with individuals, families and groups, and program development. The specifics of school social work practice has adjusted to trends in the field and in education reform, the basic charge to help all students successfully receive an education and to help remove learning barriers for vulnerable students are the same for all school social workers.

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