Therapeutic Communities for Youths in Secure Care: Participant Characteristics and Predictors of Treatment and Postrelease Supervision


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

The current cross-sectional, descriptive study utilized services data to examine the characteristics, treatment, and postrelease outcomes of 226 male (64.6%) and female (35.4%) youths in therapeutic communities (TCs) housed within three secure-care facilities in one Southern state. The results of hierarchical multiple regression analyses showed that approximately 21% of the variance in amount of TC services received was predicted by demographic, psychosocial, and institutional variables. Girls received less TC treatment than boys, and participants with disciplinary tickets received more treatment than those without tickets. The binary logistic regression model distinguished between youths who were and were not placed under supervision upon release, with relevant predictors explaining about 40% of the variance. Implications for practice and research with youths in institution-based TCs are discussed.

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