A longitudinal examination of parenting behaviors and perceived discrimination predicting Latino adolescents’ ethnic identity


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Characteristics of the familial and societal context were examined as predictors of Latino adolescents’ (N = 323; 49.5% female) ethnic identity. Consistent with previous work, familial ethnic socialization significantly predicted future levels of ethnic identity exploration, resolution, and affirmation for both male adolescents and female adolescents, although the association was significantly stronger for female adolescents than male adolescents for exploration and resolution. Furthermore, for male adolescents, higher levels of familial ethnic socialization were significantly associated with a faster rate of growth for ethnic identity resolution. In addition, paternal warmth–support emerged as a significant longitudinal predictor of male adolescents’, but not female adolescents’, ethnic identity exploration. Finally, perceived discrimination was significantly associated with male adolescents’, but not female adolescents’, ethnic identity exploration and affirmation. Significant gender differences in the relations of interest highlight the need to consider variability in the process of ethnic identity formation by gender.

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