Adolescent mother’s perceptions of fathers’ parental involvement: Satisfaction and desire for involvement


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Grounded in family systems and ecological theories, this study examined teenage mothers’ perceptions of fathers’ parental involvement and the role of teenage mothers’ gatekeeping beliefs. Fathers’ involvement was perceived to be greater when teenage parents were romantically involved (n = 55). When they no longer shared a romantic relationship (n = 59), mothers’ satisfaction with and desire for fathers’ involvement (i.e., gatekeeping beliefs) mediated the association between mothers’ perceptions of developmental and contextual factors and their perceptions of fathers’ involvement. Overall, the proposed developmental‐contextual model was not significant for romantically involved teenage parents. Findings underscore the need to account for and incorporate issues related to relationship status, grandparent support, historical support, and maternal gatekeeping beliefs when developing programs for adolescent parents.

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