Building a Community of Solution with Resettled Refugees


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

The crisis of migrants across the globe is of increasing concern, and communities in every nation are faced withproviding competent, equitable and culturally appropriate services for resettling refugees. Communities seekingsolutions often find that health centric disciplines are not enough to meet the challenges presented by these newlyarriving populations. In this article, we present the “Communities of Solution” model proposed in the 1966 FolsomReport, Health is a Community Affair. The Folsom report recognized that healthy communities can be achieved withstrong community partnerships, person-centered health care and a focus on public health. In retrospect, Folsomfocused firmly on the determinants of health that today shape our thinking about health, health care, and mitigationof disparities. In this article, one community’s efforts demonstrate a multi-faceted approach that is revitalizing anarea

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