Evaluating the Impact of the “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management” Curriculum: The Advocate Perspective


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This summary describes important issues related to the implementation of The Allstate Foundation curriculum, “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management,” based on data collected from 25 advocates representing all agencies in the study. All advocates participating in the research project were invited to participate in this study by completing an anonymous survey online and then participating in an interview with a member from the research team…The great majority of the advocates reported that overall the curriculum was beneficial for the work they did with IPV survivors. Many identified the first three modules in the curriculum as the most appropriate for their participants which include basic knowledge on economic abuse, safety planning, budgeting, credit and debit cards, and banking in general. Though the majority of the advocates did not identify limitations with the curriculum, a few identified some concerns about the use of technical language and a mismatch between the curriculum and the personal circumstances of some of the women. In some instances, the advocates thought it was difficult to introduce certain topics given that they perceived survivors were behind in their journey towards economic stability.

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