Examining the influence of gender and sexual motivation in college hookups


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Objective: Hooking up is common in college, and has been linked to heavy drinking. Hookups have positive as well as negative consequences, and thus the motivations for hooking up are complex. Yet, little research has focused on these motivations. The present study examined the role that gender and drinking patterns play in the relationship between sexual motivation and penetrative hookups. Participants: Heavy drinking college students (N = 396) completed online surveys between September/October 2009. Method: Sexual motivation, alcohol, and hooking up were assessed. Results: Enhancement motives and drinking frequency predicted more frequent oral and vaginal sex when hooking up, while peer and partner motives predicted anal sex. Men endorsed greater enhancement motives, peer motives, and hookup oral and vaginal sex. For men, coping motives predicted oral and vaginal sex and peer motives predicted anal sex. Conclusions: Results provide greater insight into the reasons why college students engage in penetrative hookups.

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