Healing policies for Black boys and young men in St. Louis (Race and Opportunity Lab Brief Report No. 2)


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Black boys and men in the St. Louis region face punitive local, state, and federal policies that de- crease their quality of life and limit their potential to give back to society. System-level changes that reshape the contexts in which the 60,000 Black boys and young men in St. Louis heal, grow, and thrive are necessary to help them reach their full potential. Such changes would benefit St. Louis by increasing this population’s workforce readiness and decreasing the likelihood of its involve- ment in the criminal justice system. Dr. Sean Joe of the Race and Opportunity Lab’s HomeGrown STL project recommends a shift away from puni- tive legislation toward generation and implemen- tation of healing policies. Healing policies are reg-, ulatory and legislative interventions and reforms specifically designed to improve the well-being of Black boys and young men.

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