Institutional Supports for Faculty Scholarship: A National Survey of Social Work Programs


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This survey of 99 U.S. social work programs investigated the types, prevalence, and correlates of supports that schools provide to facilitate faculty scholarship. The dean, director, or program chair at every school with an MSW program was invited to participate in an online survey. Items addressed program characteristics and research infrastructure supports related to programs’ provision of time, funding, and technical assistance for faculty scholarship. Of 186 accredited MSW programs, 53.2% participated in the survey. On average, the programs provided 11.0 (SD = 3.6) of 20 possible general faculty supports and 2.8 (SD = 1.7) of six junior faculty supports. Programs most commonly reduced teaching workloads with external funding, disseminated funding announcements, provided annual funding for conference travel, and assisted faculty with preparing grant applications. For junior faculty, most programs reduced teaching workloads for at least one year, provided research start-up funding, and had a formal mentorship system. Program size, faculty productivity, presence of a PhD program, funded research center, and National Institutes of Health funding were positively related to the number of supports provided, and teaching workload was negatively related. The findings provide valuable information for schools trying to increase faculty productivity or to recruit talented, scholarship-oriented faculty.

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