Introduction to Body Meets Mind: Eating Disorders and Body Image—A Twenty-First Century Perspective


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This special issue of the Clinical Social Work Journal, looks at problems in eating and body image from a twenty, first century perspective. Contemporary scientific research, and medical innovations have influenced current clinical, theory and thinking about these complex disorders., Increasingly, we have come to recognize a fundamental, link between body and mind, as well as the need for ways, to integrate these interlocking systems in both assessment, and treatment of individuals with eating disorders. Our, clinical lens now includes advances in technology and, specifically social media, which have exponentially, increased the cultural domain for body image scrutiny and, concomitant body shame. A paradoxical dilemma of our, time is that the ability to transform our bodies through, surgeries and multiple diet/exercise regimes has also, exacerbated problems of self-objectification and associated, body shame, commonly associated with problems in eating, and body image. The current volume is made up of articles, by authors with a wide range of contemporary perspectives, on eating disorders and body image. Their blend of, expertise and innovative thinking takes us on a journey into, an extremely important aspect of eating disorders: the, crucial interplay of body image and disordered eating, issues.

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