Korean American Clergy Practices Regarding Intimate Partner Violence: Roadblock or Support for Battered Women


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Although it is common for Korean Americans toseek assistance from clergy for intimate partner violence(IPV), there has been lack of research on Korean Americanclergy’s practices regarding IPV. 152 Korean American Protestant clergy were surveyed on their practices regardingIPV in their congregations. 92.7 % of respondents reportedcounseling people who had experienced IPV; however, one-third stated that they had never referred congregants to addi-tional resources. Additionally, the great majority of respon-dents recognized their important role in responding to IPV;however, only 16 % of them reported feeling well-preparedto deal with IPV. Practice and research implications arediscussed to improve a partnership between religious leadersand victim advocates for the purpose of supporting batteredKorean immigrant women

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