Literacy of Breast Cancer and Screening Guideline in an Immigrant Group: Importance of Health Accessibility


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Little is known about predictors of breast cancer literacy among immigrant women. A cross-sectional survey investigated predisposing, enabling, and need factors of breast cancer literacy among 233 Korean American women living in a southeastern U.S. city. Breast cancer literacy was measured by questions that asked awareness of cancer screening methods and a 5-item questionnaire derived from the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer screening guidelines and risk factors. Annual checkup was an enabling factor of awareness of Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) and mammogram, and also for breast cancer literacy covering the knowledge of breast cancer screening guidelines and risk factors. Health status was a need factor of CBE awareness. Marital status was a predisposing factor of mammogram awareness, and age and years of residence in the US were predisposing factors of breast cancer literacy. The findings of the study illuminate probable avenues of intervention to promote breast health knowledge for Korean American women.

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