Negotiating the Cultural Steps in Developing an Online Intervention for Korean American Intimate Partner Violence


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

Korean American (KA) immigrants experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) underutilize existing services, but instead rely on KA clergy for assistance. However, there had not yet been an intervention curriculum developed for KA clergy to help them address IPV in their congregations. There was a lack of understanding regarding what needed to be included in an intervention curriculum for KA clergy, as well as the most effective form of curriculum design and delivery for such an intervention. This article discusses the process of developing an online IPV intervention curriculum for KA clergy to increase their capacity for IPV prevention and intervention within their congregations. Researchers developed Korean Clergy for Healthy Families by incorporating feedback from expert consultants and engaging study participants. The result is an IPV curriculum that speaks to participants’ cultural values and religious beliefs, and identifies barriers KA clergy experience when confronted with IPV. Specific steps to assist those who would want to develop culturally appropriate interventions are provided.

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