Occupational therapists need to be involved in developing and evaluating technological solutions to support remote working


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

COVID-19 has led to increased remote working for occupational therapists and other health and social care professionals. Despite the rapid move to video consultations during COVID, the impact and implications of remote working still need consideration. Prior to COVID, digitisation was already recognised as essential, given the demands on health and social care (NHS, 2019). The National Health Service (NHS) long-term plan pledged to make digitally enabled care mainstream within the next decade (NHS, 2019). Technological innovation has the potential to improve care quality and cost savings across health and social care (Maguire et al., 2018). Allied health professionals (AHPs) have been urged to lead digital health innovations and use new technologies for patient benefit (NHS England, 2019). Video consultations had already emerged as a service model, with potential for improved efficiency and patient experiences (Greenhalgh et al., 2018a).

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