Pushing the Gender Line: How Immigrant Couples Reconstruct Power


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

This chapter examines the experience of couples who have immigrated to the United States. It explains how immigrant couples respond to these changing social structures and multiple cultural contexts. Immigrants from what Inclan calls the bourgeoisie class may be more able to accept the less traditional gender ideology of their new country than poor immigrants. Immigrants transform their gender cultures in distinctively personal ways as they adapt to changing societal contexts and gradually evolve to a more egalitarian gender structure. The evolving gender structure related to the ongoing dynamics of gender equality in the marital relationship. The personal gender culture is at the center of a constantly evolving relational process. It is part of the couple’s larger cultural identity and includes their unique configuration of beliefs, traditions, and practices about gender. Therapists can help immigrant couples identify the status of their own gender-line process.

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