Recovering community in mental health: The contributions and challenges of community psychology.


By bhadmin February 2, 2021

The initial section of the chapter focuses on the kind of community experiences that need to be reincorporated into CMH. In particular, we discuss those aspects of community life that might be promoted in CMH, challenges to promoting participation in community settings, and how community integration can become a priority for CMH. In the second section, we articulate four domains for the promotion of participation in community life for persons with psychiatric disabilities: (a) access to community life, (b) responses to social exclusion, (c) systematic efforts to address marginalization in community activities, and (d) efforts to address prejudice and discrimination. In each domain, we review challenges and promising interventions. The chapter closes with a brief discussion of roles for people who want to promote greater access to community life for persons with psychiatric disabilities and proposes hallmarks of a system working to recover community in mental health.

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